More than just another transportation company

At CareMobile Transportation, we are care professionals first and foremost. We are the first medical transportation company in the DC Metro area to be founded on the principle of empathy.  

Our clients receive more than just transportation from point A to point B. We will ensure that all of our clients' paperwork is in order, unpack our clients belongings at new facilities, communicate with home services and family members, schedule follow-up medical appointments, and more.

Whether it is traveling to or from a doctor's appointment, getting groceries, or going to the airport, you can rely on us to provide the most consistent, reliable, and personal service in the DC metro area.

  • Kelley was much more than a driver! She was so helpful and treated me like family!
    — Donna, CareMobile Transportation Client
  • There's no other service like this around, this is wonderful!
    — Sarah, CareMobile Transportation Client
  • CareMobile Transportation is by far the best non-emergency medical transport company in the DC Metro area. They have a personal touch that our patients truly appreciate.
    — Social Worker, Burke Health and Rehabilitation Center

About Us

CareMobile Transportation was founded on the principle of providing empathy-driven medical transport services to persons who are elderly and persons with disabilities.

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CareMobile Transportation offers a wide range of non-emergency medical transportation services, which we provide with patience, sensitivity, and compassion.   

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